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20MHz Logic Probe

Hand-held logic probe for troubleshooting and analysing digital circuits.

  • Selectable TTL and CMOS operation
    30ns pulse width detection
    Red & Green status LEDs
    Selectable latching mode indicates and holds first falling /rising transition
    Operating power derived via integral leads from circuit under test
    DC to 20MHz operating range
Technical specification
Operating voltage 4 V DC to 18 V DC
Max. input signal frequency 20MHz
Input impedance 1MΩ
Max. probe voltage ± 200 V
TTL Logic "1" >2.3V ±0.2V
Logic "0" <0.0.8V ±0.2V
CMOS Logic "1" > 70% VCC ±10%
Logic "0" < 30% VCC ±10%
Minimum detectable pulse width 30ns

Logic Probe 20MHz

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